Wednesday, October 28, 2009

eBay is Cheap, Its the shipping that will kill you.

So a couple of boxes of eBay acquired parts showed up today. Joy and frustration in one swift motion. I was looking for a couple of parts to replce items damaged when the bike went into the neighbors bushes. I needed:
  1. Head lamp bucket. - The black plastic bucket is cracked around the edges.
  2. Lower triple tree. - The left fork stop is sheared off allowing the reflector to hit the tank on full turn.
  3. Clutch lever housing. - The bottom housing is cracked ( its just broke).
I was please to find a kid on eBay who was parting out a 74 CB200 and he had the parts I needed. I could have the whole enchilada for $60. This is where it all went bad. For another $50 he would throw in the wheels, the entire front end, the tank, the header pipe I need and a few extra goodies. At the swap meet this would be great. On eBay that pushed the shipping to a $100. Ok so $210 for all of that, I sent the money. The basket (case) of parts showed up today. The clutch lever assembly was perfect! The front-end was crap. The lower triple tree has the right fork stop sheared off! The wheels are a mess but I was planning on taking them apart and powder coating etc. so ok. The headlamp bucket is totally pitted steel. Not the same as mine. (maybe not original?) The 3rd box hasn't shown up yet so who knows what condition the tank is in. So as of now I have a $200 clutch lever, a set of project wheels and a project triple tree. As halloween approaches I am reminded of the sage advice. "Let the buyer beware." Boo!

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