Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Exhaust Conundrum

Next up is the exhaust pipes. The CB200 has one beautiful exhaust pipe and one that was patched with an aluminum plate at some previous repair session (before I had the bike). The aluminum plate patch busted and the recent return to the road has cause the muffler to sag. So we "removed" the muffler.

I've come to understand that these pipes are really hard to replace and I also believe they are a one piece pipe. The header and muffler are all one unit. Check out this parts diagram...
Notice how there is a one next to the right pipe and a 2 next to the left pipe.
But there are no numbers on the headers? One piece.

So the conundrum is:
  1. Do I cut off a perfectly good original Left muffler and replace both mufflers?
  2. Do I search for and wait until I find a good condition original Right muffler?
  3. Do I buy a trashed Right muffler/header on ebay and cut it up?
Since the plan is to buy cool little shorty mufflers (about $25 a piece) that will make the CB200 almost as loud as the big bike. And to wrap the headers with... header wrap, to give it a little old-school bobber style...

The cheapest solution is No.#1, quick, simple, efficient. No.#2 is out of the question because we want to ride it! Who knows when I could find one of these in good condition? (My thought is if I do come across one someday I would buy it in case we want to return the bike to stock. Again I know this is a sickness and it will never happen but its my way to justify storing a bunch of parts in the garage.) No.#3 is the best solution because it keeps option No.#2 in play, but it requires buying more parts on ebay...

Gotta go, I'm exhausted thinking about this and my auctions are closing soon...

co·nun·drum \kə-ˈnən-drəm\ noun a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun. co·nun·drum


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