Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Common Modifications


Clubman or Clip-on style bars will give the bike a more aggressive riding position. If you go to these style bars you may need to go to rear-set controls.

Note: We've installed Clubmans and it didn't require rewiring or replacing clutch/brake cables.

Tire Sizes:

90/90H-18 Front 110/90H-18 Rear

Note: I used 90/90H-18 Front 100/90H-18 Rear. Both fit with no rubbing on either fender except I had to move the rear brake stay to the outside of its bracket.

Air Filters:

Some people like to try pod filters. Be sure to keep your air box for when you decide to go back to stock. Pods can be difficult to tune and OEM air boxes can be hard to find.


  • 24mm carburetors from the Honda SL350K1
  • Keihin PE24 race carbs


  • Megacycle Street Camshafts #135-X1 for stock pistons (1974-78)
  • Megacycle Race Camshafts #135-x9 for 1mm over race pistons (1974-78)

Source: http://www.teknikka.com/wiki/index.php/Honda_CB200

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