Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Father Son Project

I set a goal to get all my vehicles running this summer that included the Honda. Here's the bike as it sits now. Its a bone stock, clean but not perfect 1974 Honda CB200.

Here are the goals for the project:
  1. Get it running.
  2. Update the look with Cafe Racer / Bobber styling accents.
  3. Maintain all the stock pieces so it can be returned to original condition.
  4. Have fun, ride it!
These little bikes have a couple of unique features including an electric starter and mechanical front disc brake. With a whopping 17hp these are a great bike to learn on or to use to ride to Lowes to by a bag of screws or anything else that will fit in your pocket.

The great news is my son (now 21) has decided to help me with this project so it'll give us a few excuses to hang out in the garage together.

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